Cali Kush Farms – Fibonacci 3.5G

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28.21% THC / 0.18% CBD


Fibonacci is Spectacular, in other words it is the best Indica!!! We don’t say this often, but when we do, well we truly mean it – buckle up and get ready to experience the most exclusive strain ever! Only growers at The Cali Kush Farms know the combinations of top shelf, majestic quality strain that were crossed in order to create this admirable flower. best way to describe it is to tell you to get ready for a visit into outer space. Fibonacci is a super potent indica-dominant strain that’s won countless awards. Fibonacci extreme set of effects, high yields, and refreshing taste make it a well-loved strain by all.
If you’re enjoy smoking heavy Indica cannabis, you have found an ideal flower for yourself! Fibonacci hits a high of 29% THC and goes as high as 35% THC, offering even OG users a run for their money. Large nugs tend to feature very bright orange hairs, chunky trichomes, and enough resin to show you what you’re in for. A strong flavor combination of lemon, earth, skunk, and pine mingle on your palette and create a smooth smoke, that everyone adores and enjoys to the fullest . It’s a given that Fibonacci is ideal for pain, because with THC levels this high, how could it not be? While some strains focus on mental issues including depression or stress, Fibonacci is perfect use would be as powerfull sedative, it is also a mood booster which makes it great for anyone suffering from chronic stress, depression, or bipolar. Because of this you can utilize this for pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia as it will leave you feeling extremely sleepy as you start to come down. Most types of pain, including cramps, headaches, inflammation, and muscle spasms are soothed by her strong effects, and obviously, those with insomnia turn to this bud for sweet sweet sleep night after night.
Fun Facts about Fibonacci:
#1the Fibonacci sequence is significant because of the so-called golden ratio of 1.618, or its inverse 0.618. In the Fibonacci sequence, any given number is approximately 1.618 times the preceding number, ignoring the first few numbers.
#2 Fibonacci numbers are named after the Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa, later known as Fibonacci.
#3Fibonacci is famous for his contributions to number theory. In his book, “Liber Abaci,” he introduced the Hindu-Arabic place-valued decimal system and the use of Arabic numerals into Europe. He introduced the bar that is used for fractions today; previous to this, the numerator had quotations around it.