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Whitley Heights

This hillside neighborhood is one of our favorites at The Kind Center, especially since it’s blocks away from our dispensary. We love serving this local community with their cannabis needs and meeting those who travel from near and far. Come visit us in-store or use our marijuana delivery service!

Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery in Whitley Heights

Whitley Heights is a small residential neighborhood situated in the Hollywood Hills. It has a population of over 3,400 residents. It was built in 1921 and became listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982 and part of the Historic Preservation Overlay Zone ten years later. Located north of Whitley Heights is the 101, also known as the Hollywood Freeway. The area is made up of mostly single-family homes. Many notable actors and actresses once occupied the neighborhood, including Judy Garland, Charlie Chaplin, and Rudolph Valentino. Secluded in the lush hills, full of history, it’s no wonder why the Kind Center loves Whitley Heights. Visiting the Hollywood area? Stop by The Kind Center today or use our marijuana delivery service!

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Why We Love Whitley Heights

There are so many reasons to love Whitley Heights. Named after the father of Hollywood himself, H.J. Whitley, Whitley Heights was established in the early 1900s. Whitley helped develop the residential community that was and is still home to many famous Hollywood stars. It offers beautiful views along with peaceful living, which may come as a surprise since it’s only minutes away from the action on Hollywood Boulevard. Visitors and residents get to experience the best of both worlds with this historic neighborhood and The Kind Center is proud to be a neighbor.

Gorgeous Views

Whitley Heights beauty is in its old Hollywood charm. The homes were built using Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and Mediterranean Revival architecture. Residents and visitors can experience views of the Hollywood Hills and Hollywood Sign.

Hollywood Heritage Museum

The Hollywood Heritage Museum features historical photographs, props, and documents from the early film production of silent movies. You can even catch a glimpse of filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille’s office space.


Whitley Height was home to many silent film stars as it was close to many of the studios. These included Paramount, Warner Brothers, and Chaplin Studios to name a few.

Did you know that H.J. Whitley opened the Hollywood Hotel?

Real estate developer, Hobart Johnstone Whitley, built the Hollywood Hotel on Prospect Avenue, which would later be named Hollywood Boulevard, and Highland Avenue in the early 1900s. Almira Hershey purchased the hotel after becoming so enthralled with it during a visit. The hotel proved to be very popular, becoming the country club and local hangout spot for prominent visitors.

The names of frequent hotel patrons, most of them well-known in the film industry during this era of silent motion pictures, were painted above the tables they sat at. Some famous guests included Rudolph Valentino, Ethel Barrymore, and Carl Laemmle. It’s believed that when the hotel was torn down in the 1950s, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce got the idea to create the Walk of Fame based on the stars at the hotel.

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