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Hollywood Dell

Nestled in the hills of Hollywood, you’ll find the neighborhood of Hollywood Dell, where you have to drive downhill to arrive at your destination and uphill to depart. The Kind Center is conveniently located nearby, supplying Hollywood Dell residents and visitors with the highest-quality of cannabis.

Marijuana Dispensary in Hollywood Dell

Hollywood Dell is a small residential neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills. It’s hilly terrain is home to almost 4,000 residents. Originally part of Whitley Heights, it became its own neighborhood when the 101 Freeway was built. Hollywood Dell is bordered by Franklin Avenue, Cahuenga Boulevard, Argyle, and the Hollywood Reservoir in the Santa Monica Mountains. It is made up of mostly single-family homes featuring Spanish Colonial Revival style architecture. We can see why both younger and older crowds gravitate to Hollywood Dell. Its location has some perks. It’s a prime place to live for those who are part of the film industry and appreciate solitude. Did we mention it’s close to The Kind Center? We hope to see you soon in-store or through our delivery service!

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At The Kind Center, it’s impossible to make a bad choice when the options are this good: a variety of different cannabis products, exclusive prices, and something new every day of the week. First-timer or first name basis alike, we’ll deliver the star treatment because you’re the real deal.

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Selling shelf space is not our MO. Each of our brands and products are hand-selected in order to provide our consumers with the highest-quality of premium cannabis. Choose from cartridges, flower, prerolls, extracts, edibles and more.

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Whether you’re new to the cannabis scene or a connoisseur, there’s always new brands and products to try. Get the most out of your cannabis experience by stopping by one of our in-store events.

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You’ll find us situated just a short distance away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood Boulevard. Need help choosing from our product selection? Our cannabis experts will help you find something we guarantee you’ll like.

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Why We Love Hollywood Dell

Beautiful scenery and relaxed vibes are just a couple of the reasons why The Kind Center loves Hollywood Dell. It’s a small town full of big hearts, attracting young families and Hollywood old-timers. There’s an activity for everyone in this part of the hills. Enjoy various hiking trails and open green spaces. Music lovers can appreciate the sounds of the Hollywood Bowl. Take in contemporary artwork at The Hollywood Sculpture Garden. And well, there’s always the attractions on Hollywood Boulevard. But our favorite part about Hollywood Dell is the amazing people that live here. It is truly a pleasure to serve this welcoming community.

Gorgeous Views

Discover the beauty and breathe in some fresh air on the La Rocha Trail in Hollywood Dell! This stretch of greenery is available for runners, walkers, and nature lovers alike to enjoy.

Lake Hollywood Reservoir

Lake Hollywood is refreshing in more ways than one! This reservoir is a popular spot among locals and tourists alike, known for its hiking trails, bird watching, and perfect view of the Hollywood sign.


Hollywood Dell has been home to many celebrities over the years. Some of these include The Rolling Stones, Goldie Hawn, Marilyn Manson, Eva Longoria Parker, Justin Bieber, and more. Keep an eye out!

Did you know that a hermit in Hollywood Dell gave celebrities spiritual wisdom?

During the 1960s, it is said that a hermit named Peter Howard occupied a bungalow in the Hollywood Dell neighborhood. His appearance made him stand out in a crowd on Hollywood Boulevard, with his long, white hair and beard.

Other than living his life as a hermit and occasionally appearing in biblical films, he offered spiritual wisdom that attracted many famous Hollywood Stars, Marilyn Monroe being one of them. The home in which Peter the Hermit lived during his final years still stands in the Hollywood Dell community at 2151 Ivar Avenue.

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