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Silver Lake

A popular cultural destination in Los Angeles, Silver Lake is home to trendy boutiques, coffee shops, eateries, and unique street art. It offers a little something for everyone, despite being known as a hipster enclave. After exploring Sunset Junction or climbing the Micheltorena Stairs, you can head over to The Kind Center to keep the chill vibes going.

Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery in Silver Lake

Silver Lake is a residential neighborhood located within central Los Angeles. It is bordered by Atwater Village, Elysian Valley, East Hollywood, Westlake, Echo Park, and Los Feliz. The neighborhood was built around two reservoirs (Silver Lake and Ivanhoe) and got its name from Herman Silver, the Water Board Commissioner who helped with the development. The Silver Lake community has attracted a diverse population who value culture and authenticity. It is bursting at the seams with things to do. You can enjoy a cup of joe and explore the shops at Sunset Junction. Experience a concert like no other at Satellite. Satisfy your hunger at one of the many restaurants. Discover a hidden stairway. The Kind Center loves serving the residents with their cannabis needs. Stop by our dispensary today and learn more about our premium products, or use our marijuana delivery service!

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At The Kind Center, it’s impossible to make a bad choice when the options are this good: a variety of different cannabis products, exclusive prices, and something new every day of the week. First-timer or first name basis alike, we’ll deliver the star treatment because you’re the real deal.

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Selling shelf space is not our MO. Each of our brands and products are hand-selected in order to provide our consumers with the highest-quality of premium cannabis. Choose from cartridges, flower, prerolls, extracts, edibles and more.

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Whether you’re new to the cannabis scene or a connoisseur, there’s always new brands and products to try. Get the most out of your cannabis experience by stopping by one of our in-store events.

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You’ll find us situated just a short distance away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood Boulevard. Need help choosing from our product selection? Our cannabis experts will help you find something we guarantee you’ll like.

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Why We Love Silver Lake

It’s not hard to understand why we at The Kind Center love Silver Lake so much. A strong sense of community and identity is evident when strolling the streets of this Los Angeles neighborhood. It is full of rich history, creativity, and pizazz. It has the perfect spots to grab a bite to eat, to get a caffeine boost, to let go and get fresh air, to order a drink with an old friend; the list goes on. But despite all that this wonderful neighborhood has to offer, the people remains what we love most. They are welcoming, accepting, and have great taste!

Gorgeous Views

Many runners, joggers, and those just wanting to take an afternoon stroll flock to a 2.2 mile trail that loops around the Silver Lake Reservoir. It offers stunning views of the water and surrounding nature.


If you’re a foodie, Silver Lake is the place to go. Some of our favorite eateries include Pine & Crane, Alimento, Night + Market Song, El Cochinito, Mh Zh, and Burgers Never Say Die.


In Silver Lake, you’ll find a mural that displays the cover art of Elliot Smith’s album Figure 8. While the mural has since been ruined due the installation of a window, it is still a place where fans can pay tribute to the late singer.

Did you know that the steps featured in The Music Box are located in Silver Lake?

The Academy Award-winning short film, comedy, The Music Box, was released in 1932 and it starred Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. During the film, Laurel and Hardy attempt to carry a large piano up a long stairway. While we don’t want to give too much away, let’s just say the piano landed at the bottom of the steps multiple times.

Today, locals and visitors alike can climb the same stairs (sans piano) as Laurel and Hardy in the film. This stairway is located at 923-937 Vendome at Del Monte and consists of about 133 steps. At the foot of the steps, there is a plaque commemorating the comedic duo. The Silver Lake Improvement Association hosts an event called Music Box Steps Day every year, where the community can enjoy entertainment, free food, a screening of the film, and more!

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