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Los Feliz

Los Feliz means “happy” which makes sense that the people who live they are thrilled to be part of the community. The Kind Center couldn’t be happier to serve Los Feliz with high-quality cannabis products. Stop by our dispensary today or use or marijuana delivery service!

Marijuana Dispensary in Los Feliz

Los Feliz is a neighborhood located on the hillside of Central Los Angeles. It has a population of over 45,000 residents in 2.61 square miles. It is bound by Griffith Park, Atwater Village, Silver Lake, East Hollywood, Hollywood, and the Hollywood Hills. Native Americans originally settled in the area known as Rancho Los Feliz. Spanish settlers then arrived and a land grant was afforded to José Vicente Feliz, which is where the neighborhood’s name comes from. Part of this land included present day Griffith Park, which was donated to the city of Los Angeles by Colonel Griffith, an owner and successor of the Feliz family. The Kind Center loves serving the residents of Los Feliz with their cannabis needs in-store or via delivery!

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Why We Love Los Feliz

The Kind Center loves Los Feliz and it’s not hard to understand why. There’s no shortage of things to do in this neighborhood that many call home. When in town, we highly recommend attending a concert at the Greek Theatre. Movie lovers can catch a flick at the Vista Theater or Vintage Los Feliz 3. View one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s textile block homes. Take a stroll through Barnsdall Park or Griffith Park. Both offer something unique to residents and visitors alike. Still, the main reason we love Los Feliz is the friendly people.

Gorgeous Views

Griffith Park, which covers over 4,200 acres of land. Enjoy the greenery on one of the many hiking trails, take a trip to the LA Zoo and Botanical Gardens, or pack a picnic lunch!

Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is located on top of Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park. Visitors can browse through a series of exhibits, gaze at the starry night sky through telescopes, and take in the stunning views of the city.


Experience the history of the American West at none other than the Autry Museum of the American West. Some of the many exhibits include the Cowboy Gallery, Art of the West, and California Road Trip.

Los Feliz Hills

You don't need to be in Hollywood for some mansion sightseeing! The portion of Los Feliz called Los Feliz Hills contains plenty of multimillion-dollar homes, known for being owned by famous artists and entertainers.

Los Feliz Village

One of the best places to shop in Los Feliz is Los Feliz Village, which is home to most of the commercial storefronts in the district. There, you'll find numerous cute coffee shops, delicious restaurants, and small clothing and vintage stores.

Dumb Starbucks

Los Feliz is home to Los Feliz Village's "Dumb Starbucks." The parody coffee shop was opened as a bit for Comedy Central's Nathan for You in 2014, and has not stopped being funny since.


Los Feliz Village is close to a number of bars and restaurants catering to nightlife. You'll find them along Los Feliz Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard, some of which are historic dive bars.

Buena Vista Street

Buena Vista Street may look familiar, and it's because the entrance to the California Adventure theme park at the Disneyland Resort is modeled after the city's 1920s and 1930s architecture!

Did you know that Mickey Mouse was created in Los Feliz?

We certainly didn’t! Mickey Mouse was born in a garage on Lyric Avenue in the neighborhood of Los Feliz. Ninety-two years ago, Walt Disney was working with his brother Roy and American animator, Ubi Iwerks. They were working discreetly as they were under contract from Universal Studios. It was there in that garage that the first designs of Mickey Mouse were drawn and thus a prominent Disney character came to life.

The Disney family had many ties to to the Los Feliz community. Roy and Walt’s studio, known as The Disney Brothers Studio, was located at 4649 Kingswell Avenue. Walt later moved to Woking Way, where he eventually started a family with Lillian Bounds, an ink artist for the Disney company.

Even More on Los Feliz

Los Feliz is a hillside neighborhood located in the central region of Los Angeles. It sits alongside Hollywood, and encompasses part of the Santa Monica Mountains. It was named after colonial Spanish-Mexican land granter José Vicente Feliz, and makes up the original Rancho Los Feliz land concession when combined with Griffith Park. This city was pronounced "laws-FEEL-iz" by those who migrated there over the years, but recently, a number of residents have begun using the original pronunciation of "Los Feh-LEES." The newer version returns to the area’s Spanish origin and means “the ones from the Feliz family,” with feliz meaning happy in English.

Like much of Los Angeles, Native Americans were the first inhabitants of the greater Los Feliz area, and are believed to have settled here over 10,000 years ago. Native Americans established villages called rancherias throughout the country side, with one settlement in particular that was to fall within Rancho Los Feliz’ boundaries. Native inhabitants were renamed Grabielinos, nomenclature that was given by the Spanish because of the Native Americans’ association with the San Gabriel Mission. It was a prominent area for explorers, and was even visited by the famous Gaspar de Portola in 1769.

Los Feliz encompasses several smaller but distinct areas including Laughlin Park, Los Feliz Village, Los Feliz Square, Los Feliz Knolls, and Franklin Hills. There's also Los Feliz Hills and Los Feliz Estates, both north of Los Feliz Boulevard. Los Feliz is surrounded by Griffith Park to the north, Atwater Village to the northeast, Silver Lake to the southeast, East Hollywood to the south, and Hollywood and Hollywood Hills to the northwest. It is situated near both the 101 and 5 freeways. Los Feliz has distinct boundaries due to its origin as a rancho. It's separated from Griffith by Fern Dell Drive and Riverside Drive. It's also bound by the Los Angeles River, Hyperion Avenue, Griffith park Boulevard, Fountain Avenue, Hollywood Boulevard, Western Avenue, and Los Feliz Boulevard.

This central Los Angeles city has a population of around 37,000 with a median age of 36. It has among the highest percentage of residents aged 65 and older in the county and a high portion of 25+ residents have a four-year degree, with many established and successful residents. Los Feliz is highly diverse with respect to ethnicity. Of the residential homes here, 75.5% are rented with house or apartment owners making up the rest. The homes that are owned are reminiscent of other affluent, hill-oriented communities, such as Hollywood Hills. Los Feliz Hills right below Griffith Park is the sector of Los Feliz containing many multimillion-dollar homes with famous, often creative, inhabitants. There's also Laughlin Park, a gated community of 60 houses, described as the most exclusive neighborhood in Los Feliz. Within Los Feliz are also many schools, making it a family-friendly area. You'll find: John Marshall Senior High School, Franklin Avenue Elementary School, Los Feliz Elementary School, and Thomas Starr King Middle School of LAUSD as well as private schools Our Mother of Good Counsel and Lycée International de Los Angeles Los Feliz campus.

Later, Rancho Los Feliz was succeeded to Griffith J. Griffith. At the time, only about 23 properties resided in the 1900s-version of Los Feliz. Griffith J. Griffith died in 1919 and bequeathed $700,000 and his Los Feliz farm to be used as additions to Griffith Park. Half of the ranch was donated to the city of Los Angeles, becoming one of the largest city-owned parks in the entire country.

Los Feliz is home to some of the best-known residential architecture in Los Angeles, including two homes by Frank Lloyd Wright — the Ennis House and the Hollyhock House. The neighborhood had been home to many early studios, such as D.W. Griffith’s, and now has The Prospect Studios (known before as First National-Warner Brothers and ABC Television Center). It's also home to Monogram Pictures of KCET’s public television program. Many of the city's historic nightlife places, like The Derby, The Dresden Room, and Figaro Bistrot used to be frequented by artists, writers, and poets like Charles Bukowski and Lawrence Tierney. Los Feliz was often used in popular culture, like in scenes of Double Indemnity and J.G. Quintel’s Close Enough series, where the main characters live in Los Feliz. Current-day Los Feliz is home to movie stars, musicians, and many Hollywood elite.

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