Cali Kush Farms – Headstash 3.5G

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30.78% THC / 0.14% CBD


Headstash strain as a three-way combination of other famous fruity strains like Cannarado’s Cherry Pie, Girl Scout Cookies, and KarmaRado OG. Even this polyhybrid didn’t have enough Kush in it for their liking so they added Biker Kush to the mix as well, arriving at the intense Indica-dominant, complex hybrid known as Headstash (though the exact Indica/Sativa balance is not well-documented).This strain took 1st place in Indicas at the Amsterdam Elite Cup in 2015, a competition whose stature now skyrockets the reputation of Headstash into the public consciousness. If you’re looking for a classy strain with a globally recognized reputation for a satisfying high, look no further than Headstash. Those who experience the Headstash high should find themselves happy, relaxed, and uplifted. This makes it a mild relaxant for those with rampant, stressful thoughts and can be a nice come down from a busy week for those that deal with chronic anxiety, stress, or even pain issues. This strain has a relaxing effect without being a full-blown sedative, so only those with the mildest possible insomnia could use the strain to knock themselves out. Instead, Headstash is a nice “wake-and-bake,” or a strain to use in the morning to feel ready to face the day and relax in the afternoon. If you have a ton of work, maybe save the Headstash for later. But if you just plan on lounging, having friends over, or coming down from a high-stress work week (or day), the fruity, complex herbal flavors and pleasant high of the award-winning Headstash strain should do the trick.