Cali Kush Farms – Lemon Lava Pop 3.5G

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31.38% THC / 0.16% CBD


Lemon Lava is hands down sensational, one of the best creations ever! It is truly extraordinary , almost indescribable due to the fact that it’s so unique! Without a doubt it is in a class of its own!! Lemon Lava is also a top pick & one of Kind Center’s budtenders favorite strain ever!!! It is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created through crossing the delicious Lemon Heads X Lava Cake strains. Named for its delicious flavor, Lemon Lava is the perfect bud for any sativa lover, this flower has a sweet yet sour fruity lemon flavor with a super zesty and sugary exhale. The Lemon Lava high is just as bright and delightful, with a cheerful overtone that will leave you feeling insanely happy. Lemon Lava has been reviewed to be excellent for auditory stimulation, making it perfect for going out to enjoy a concert or listen to your favorite albums high starts almost as soon as you exhale, launching you into a state of pure happiness and euphoria, energizing your mind and leaving you feeling like you can take on the world. Your body will feel lightly relaxed in this state, although not sedated or tired in the slightest, you can expect a mood-enhancing and uplifting experience after a bowl or two of Lemon Lava! With these effects and its high THC percentage—> 27.8 % the batch Kind Center has in stock at this moment! average THC level is no less then 25% and 1-2% CBD level, Lemon Lava is often chosen to treat chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress or anxiety, headaches or migraines and chronic pain. Dominant terpenes found in Lemon Lava are Beta-Myrcene, Linalool, and Beta-Caryophyllene.. It should go without saying that Cali Kush Farms created an incredible, and astonishing, Awards Winning Strain! Promise you will Love LEMON LAVA 🙂