What Are the Health Benefits of CBD Oil?

The Many Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Many of our customers enjoy cannabis for its recreational qualities, but just as many prefer using cannabis for medicinal purposes. CBD has been a long-standing part of the medical community. It has brought relief to millions of people when standard pharmaceutical treatments proved unsuccessful. For those with chronic conditions, CBD oil offers immense relief from things like pain, inflammation, and degeneration. For those without chronic conditions, CBD improves general wellness through an uplifted mood and better organ functioning. See how CBD oil and CBD-infused products from The Kind Center can improve your life through their many health benefits!

CBD & Pain Relief

From chronic pain to daily aches and soreness, CBD offers relief through a few avenues. As aforementioned, CBD seems to tackle stubborn pain that patients can’t seem to shake through traditional medications. CBD does so by acting as a modulator to the immune system. This allows it to impart an anti-inflammatory response when the immune system is being overactive. In a similar sense, CBD reduces the presence of inflammation-causing cytokines. Inflammation generally causes pain, soreness, redness, heat, and swelling at the site of an infection or injury, and CBD reduces pain by reducing its cause: inflammation.

Additionally, CBD can interrupt the brain’s perception of pain. CBD affects the peripheral and central nervous systems, and these neural networks are what’s responsible for transmitting pain. When modulated by CBD, we tend to feel pains, especially chronic ones, far less.

CBD & Anxiety Relief

For those with anxiety and stress, CBD can help! CBD positively impacts the symptoms commonly associated with anxiety while also fighting the root cause of it, attacking the presence of anxiety from multiple fronts. Anxiety commonly results in racing thoughts, brain chatter, and intrusive thoughts, all of which CBD reduces. It produces a clearer, more focused mindset that allows you to think more rationally about situations, conversations, and ideas that would otherwise cause immense visceral effects. CBD can boost your mood too, giving you a more positive outlook when handling extreme emotions.

CBD as an Anti-Seizure

CBD works as an anti-seizure drug, which has historically been very important in pediatric care. CBD is actually pharmaceutically available as Epidiolex, approved for use in children experiencing childhood seizure syndromes like Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut. 

CBD’s Neuroprotective Properties

CBD can prevent degradation of current neurons while also promoting the growth of new ones. Its presence also causes higher levels of BDNF and brain plasticity, both of which affect a brain’s ability to adapt via structural or physiological changes. This can be vital for patients with dementia, where neurons are damaged, dying, or incapable of communicating.

CBD For General Wellness

Beyond the multitude of chronic conditions that CBD can help treat, it also improves general and overall wellness. It can improve your focus and alertness, something we all need to get through our workdays and daily life. It also helps with the appearance of skin and has been known to reduce acne and other skin conditions. Lastly, the receptors for CBD are found on nearly every, if not all, organs in the body. Its presence boosts the underlying system that runs homeostasis for all of these organs, the endocannabinoid system, which improves general functioning.

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