All the Reasons We Love Pre-Rolls

Pre-Rolls Make Cannabis Easy

The Kind Center enjoys all forms of cannabis, but joints are certainly one of our favs. Versatile, convenient, and more, we’re ready to list all the reasons we love pre-rolled cannabis.


One of the biggest reasons pre-rolls are so popular is that they’re truly accessible to everyone. The only thing needed is a lighter, or even a match. Joints are easy to light and easy to smoke; just simply inhale. Beyond a light, there are no tools or accessories needed.


Carrying your grinder or a bong wherever you’re going isn’t always feasible. When you’re on the move, you need cannabis that can do the same. Pre-rolls are incredibly convenient to carry, and discreet if necessary. Moreover, when you’re done smoking, they can be disposed of easily and quickly.


There’s a joint for every person, and pre-roll’s versatility and customization have made them one of the most popular methods of consumption.


Entering any dispensary, you’ll notice that flower ranges from top-shelf down. Because pre-rolls are simply rolled flower, their diversity is just as wide. Pre-rolls come in a few forms, ranging from simple flower-only to those adorned with concentrates like kief, extract, and oils. Most popular brands carry variants of each. Additionally, pre-rolls include many strains. With sativa, indica, and hybrid options, there’s definitely a pre-roll for every occasion.


Pre-rolls may also differ in the rolling paper used. White and brown paper have different porosities, which affect how quickly your joint burns. Traditional paper is from wood pulp, and health-conscious papers may be made out of rice, hemp, or even cellulose, a plant matter. Each is accompanied by unique characteristics, varying in taste, thickness, and aroma. Ultimately, paper comes down to preference. Luckily, pre-rolls come rolled into many types of paper.


When you imagine pre-rolls, you tend to envision a singular size. The truth is that pre-rolls come in multiple sizes, meant to accommodate different smoke sessions and numbers of people. Most pre-rolls are the standard 1 gram, with a few at 1.5 grams and some beyond. For shorter smoke breaks, pre-roll mini packs (typically with five pre-rolls) are perfectly portioned.


Pre-rolls used to have a bad rep, known for being rolled from sub-par shake left over in bud jars. Due to the relatively recent growth of the cannabis space, pre-rolls have greatly improved in excellence. Now, top-tier bud is just as readily available in preroll form. As mentioned previously, the quality has also gone up as a result of higher-caliber concentrates. Adding in oils and waxes of good quality has only heightened the smoking experience with pre-rolls.


Like any other cannabis product, pre-rolls range in price quite a bit. Some pre-rolls are a couple of bucks (especially if there’s a deal going), while others can be far over $25 each. However, these prices are reasonable for the quality and convenience of a pre-roll. Their spread of prices makes them affordable no matter your cannabis budget, allowing you to pick prerolls for daily use and splurge when you want to.

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The Kind Center has always put the cannabis experience first, and our pre-rolls are proof that we do smoking right. With a variety of pre-rolls in every strain, size, and flavor, you’re sure to find your favorite pre-roll here. And if you’re not sure which pre-roll is right for you, our expert budtenders are friendly and ready to help! Stop by our location in West Hollywood for the ultimate star-experience, or order online through our delivery service. With The Kind Center, quality bud is never far!

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