Taking Tinctures: What You Should Know

What Are Tinctures?

There are many types of cannabis concentrates made by extracting main ingredients out of cannabis plant material. Among them are tinctures, which are bottles of THC and/or CBD-infused alcohol. The alcohol is used to extract the cannabinoids, ultimately creating ultra-concentrated products as it acts as a solvent. Tinctures typically come in glass vials or small bottles with droppers, which are used for precise dosing. 

Types of Tinctures

Tinctures come in a few forms, varying most in their concentrations and respective ratios of CBD to THC. Depending on your goal, you may want more THC or possibly none at all. Also among the tincture family are concentrated cannabinoids consumed through dissolvable tabs or strips. These types, referred to as sublinguals, can also be categorized as edibles or under the umbrella term of concentrates, and their precise categorization is up for debate.

How to Use Tinctures

Tinctures are among the easiest to use products in the cannabis realm. Let’s take a look into how to use them.

Start Small

As with any other cannabis product, The Kind Center recommends starting with the smallest possible dose and slowly increasing it until you achieve the feeling you want. Of course, dosages depend greatly on the person. Even within the same person, tolerance can vary when cannabis is used weeks apart. Not being high enough is always preferable to being too high, and that mindset can help discover your ideal dose.

Sublingual Application

The first of two ways to consume tinctures is through sublingual application. Sublingual means “under the tongue,” which is where you hold the tincture for around 60-90 seconds. The reason for this method of consumption has to do with the glands in your mouth, which introduce the cannabinoids of tinctures to your body at an expedited rate compared to when it’s taken orally.

Alternative Applications

An alternate option is to dose tinctures into a food or drink, which eliminates the taste of cannabis for those who especially dislike it. Adding tinctures can turn essentially any food or drink into an edible. The downside to consuming tinctures this way is that you won’t feel effects for some time, because the cannabinoids are processed by the digestive system when eaten.

Expect Effects

Tinctures are considerably fast-acting. If you take your tincture sublingually, expect to definitely feel effects within 45 minutes. Many consumers say they feel effects far sooner, within about 15 minutes. For oral consumption, tinctures usually take effect in around an hour. Depending on your food consumption for the day, this time can vary quite some bit. Again, treat oral tinctures like you would an edible – and don’t take more for at least an hour to ensure you won’t overdo it.

Tinctures From The Kind Center

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