Can Marijuana Help You Lead a Healthy Lifestyle? Studies Say Yes

People who are unfamiliar with cannabis use might automatically assume that marijuana consumption is indicative of an unhealthy lifestyle. However, because marijuana use is becoming increasingly destigmatized, a wider variety of users and advocates are openly acknowledging and promoting their use of cannabis products, from personal trainers to medical professionals. Something that has been anecdotally acknowledged in the past is now becoming scientifically supported: Cannabis isn’t just a recreational product – it supports wellness goals, too.

Marijuana and Obesity

The munchies aren’t just urban legend – they’re a medical fact. Nevertheless, studies have found that regular consumers of marijuana are less likely to suffer from obesity than non-consumers.

How is that possible? There is no medically-accepted consensus yet, but there have been more than enough large-scale studies to suggest that the findings are more than a mere anomaly.

Marijuana and Reduced Alcohol Intake

While alcohol abuse has well-documented grave medical and psychological consequences, recent reports indicate that even casual alcohol consumption might not be that great, either. Because the affects of cannabis can be similar to those of light alcohol intake (anxiety reduction, euphoria, and feelings of overall wellbeing), marijuana may give frequent drinkers a significantly lower-risk alternative. Additionally, marijuana use – which does not lead to a physical dependency or cause complete loss of mental acuity and physical control – may help to alleviate many withdrawal symptoms in heavy drinkers.

Marijuana and Athletic Performance

While the stereotype of the couch-potato stoner is pervasive, an increasing number of athletes and trainers are embracing pot for athletic performance optimization. It has been suggested that the mellowing effects of marijuana can help athletes focus on form and control, and even ease post-training muscle and joint pain. From an endurance perspective, cannabis may aid in bronchial dilation, helping the lungs absorb oxygen more quickly and efficiently.

Marijuana and Stress

Long-term stress can increase the risk of significant health problems, including heart disease, type II diabetes, acid reflux, and irritable bowel syndrome. Low-dose marijuana use can offer stress relief, helping to curb the emotional and physiological symptoms of anxiety.

As with any medication or supplement, the right dosage and method of administration is crucial to the treatment’s effectiveness. If you don’t believe that smoking marijuana is conducive to a healthy lifestyle, there are abundant edibles and other consumption methods that may be more appropriate. If you are new to marijuana use and aren’t sure which strains are best for your lifestyle goals, the team at the Kind Center will be more than happy to help connect you to the very best products.

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