The Kind Center: Hollywood’s Leading Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Family run. Community-focused. Customer obsessed.

For more than a decade, the Kind Center has been West Hollywood’s finest medical marijuana dispensary, delivering the very best marijuana products to a diverse and discerning clientele. If you’re an experienced and discriminating consumer of medical or recreational marijuana, you’ll discover an abundance of unparalleled items and a caring and knowledgeable staff eager to give each customer an exceptional experience.

Located in an iconic West Hollywood neighborhood, the Kind Center is the original purveyor of marijuana products from the legendary Cali Kush Farms, the internationally recognized growers and cultivators of a wide variety of high-quality cannabis strains.

Quality Products

The Kind Center is proud to partner with Cali Kush Farms. If you’re looking for a medical marijuana dispensary that offers a broad selection of the highest quality products, the Kind Center is your medical and recreational marijuana resource.

The Kind Center is one of the few medical marijuana dispensaries that grows on-site. Every product undergoes extensive quality control, and we don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t consume ourselves. We also offer a large selection of CBD and THC edibles, salves, vaporizers, and accessories from the most widely-renowned local brands.

Who We Are

For more than a decade, the Kind Center has been the go-to Hollywood dispensary for both locals and tourists, serving a diverse community and helping guide customers toward the very best cannabis products and accessories.

The Kind Center is a family operated Hollywood dispensary, offering personalized service and happily providing a comprehensive cannabis education to all of our valued clients. We are not only a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary, we are also cannabis advocates. We are passionate about giving our thriving community a medical marijuana dispensary that our customers and neighbors are proud to support.

What We Do

The Kind Center strives to create a relaxed and welcoming environment for all customers. Whether you are a new or experienced cannabis user, when you arrive at our Hollywood dispensary, we will help guide you towards the best and most effective products for your individual needs.

Our team of budtenders are highly trained and experienced in recommending the best and most appropriate strains for our customers’ desired experience. Whether you need a cannabis product to manage a specific medical condition or want a product for recreational consumption, our team can offer you the exact strain that will yield the effects you want.

Who We Serve

The Kind Center is a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary for both inexperienced customers and cannabis connoisseurs.

We’re a Hollywood dispensary with a global perspective. We are proud to serve an economically, socially, and ethnically diverse clientele. Not only do we welcome a large local customer base, we are always happy to serve customers visiting from the farthest corners of the globe!

The Kind Center offers an abundance of first-rate cannabis products for both recreational and medical users. Whether you’re looking for a high CBD product to manage difficult medical symptoms, or a THC strain for pure, unbridled enjoyment, we are eager to point you to the best products on the market.

We are proud to be the premier Hollywood dispensary.

If you’re looking for a welcoming, knowledgeable, and top-quality Hollywood dispensary, please visit us – we’re always happy to help!