The Best Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief

The Best Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief

For years, cannabis supporters have advocated for the use of marijuana in western medicine. Science is just now starting to catch up on what we’ve known all along. The American Medical Association published 28 Harvard-led studies on marijuana, providing evidence that supports its efficiency in managing chronic pain. A study from the University of Michigan also found that cannabis reduced opioid use by 64%, decreased the side effects of other medications, and enhanced the quality of life for chronic pain sufferers.

Feeling ready to ditch the pills? If you’re a chronic pain sufferer, there’s a good chance that marijuana can help you find relief without relying too heavily on pharmaceuticals. However, navigating the world of cannabis can be confusing. We are here to help you find the best cannabis strains and products for your specific needs and preferences.

Why Does Cannabis Relieve Pain?

Although it isn’t fully understood yet, scientific researchers have some good leads. The reason cannabis works so well for pain is likely because our bodies are equipped to respond to it. We all naturally produce cannabis-like chemicals that assist in our body’s responses to inflammation and pain. Since we already have the receptors, the chemical compounds found in marijuana can easily communicate with your body to reduce pain and discomfort.

Which Chronic Pain Symptoms Can Cannabis Treat?

Cannabis may not be compatible with all pain-causing health conditions, but it has been successful in treating many medical problems. Always discuss the benefits/risks with your doctor before deciding if it’s right for you. If you have one of the following conditions, cannabis could be a good fit:

  • Cancer
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Sciatica
  • MS
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • IBS
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • TMJ
  • Chronic headaches
  • General neck or back pain
  • HIV/AIDs
  • Central nervous system conditions
  • Injury or post-operative pain

Which Cannabis Products Work Best for Pain?

Many pain-sufferers favor smoking or vaping cannabis flower since it is potent and works instantly. Others may prefer ingesting it with edibles, capsules, or tinctures or even applying it topically with an ointment or cream. It basically comes down to your individual body chemistry, preferences, and specific condition. Speak with a medical marijuana doctor or experienced cannabis dispensary to narrow down the right product for you.

There are a variety of cannabis strains that target pain better than others. It’s generally believed that strains with high levels of CBD and moderate amounts of THC provide the most effective results. Generally speaking, sativas are going to have a higher ratio of THC to CBD while indicas will have a lower ratio. For this reason, we usually recommend indicas or indica-dominates, such as Afgan Kush, for pain.

However, outcomes will vary depending on the individual, and sometimes sativa/indica hybrids are the way to go. CBD-dominates, like ACDC, are praised for their numerous pain-relieving benefits with minimal euphoria. Many hybrids are also rich in other pain-fighting chemicals, in addition to cannabinoids. White Widow, for example, contains linalool, a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory also found in lavender. Sativa-heavy Jack Herer is another hybrid that specifically targets nerve pain.

The Kind Center Will Help You Find the Best Cannabis for Your Pain

There is a reason we call ourselves “The Kind Center.” We believe that cannabis has the power to make the world a better place. Our experienced budtenders are more than happy to help you choose the best cannabis strain for your health condition. We provide a variety of unique indicas and hybrids intentionally curated to relieve chronic pain. Contact us or visit our store to discover the most effective cannabis options for your specific needs and preferences.

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