How Cannabis Can Support Your New Year’s Resolutions 

How Cannabis Can Support Your New Year’s Resolutions

What’s on your bucket list for the new year? Each of us creates unique New Year’s resolutions that we hope to achieve, but more often than not, we fall off the wagon within a few months. This year, though, you can commit to your resolutions more concretely with the help of cannabis products! Here’s how consuming some bud can help you achieve a few of the most common New Year’s resolutions.

Sleep Better

Is getting more zzz’s on your yearly resolution list? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans lack the sleep necessary to keep their bodies in tip-top shape, which is why shooting for eight hours of sleep is the goal of many every January. If you’re one of them, consider using cannabis to achieve this goal! Indica and CBD-heavy strains promote health benefits such as relaxation and are optimal for winding down before bed. A few hours before bed, consume some cannabis that helps you calm down after a long day. When paired with a hot shower, a good book, and some comfy clothes, you’ll find yourself sleepy in no time. Just make sure you don’t use cannabis too late at night, or you risk disrupting your body’s natural sleep cycles.

Get Energized

Cannabis isn’t just great for sleep, but good for energizing you too! It seems contradictory (we know), but each cannabis strain has different characteristics and effects due to its terpene and cannabinoid profile. While indica-dominant strains are typically for relaxation and sleep, sativa-dominant strains can produce euphoric, uplifting, and energizing effects. They’re ideal for tackling your to-do list, finding motivation for tough tasks, and elevating your mood no matter what the day has in store. We recommend dosing a sativa over the course of the day for these effects, which is easiest to do in vape form. 

Boost Your Workouts

Many New Year’s resolutions involve getting active, working out more, and finding ways to make fitness a part of our daily routines. While cannabis may be more commonly known for helping us wind down, a small amount of microdosed cannabis before a workout can actually help improve your workout session. Cannabis is especially beneficial during workouts like pilates and yoga, which require a lot of mind-body connection. For fast-paced workouts, cannabis gives our brains the boost necessary to mentally prepare for a tough exercise session. Of course, cannabis can also help with recovery, as some of the cannabinoids in it possess healing powers, and cannabis, in general, reduces aches, pains, and soreness.

Get Creative

New Year’s resolutions for some may include things like write more, paint more, draw more, or finally write that script you’ve been saying you’d write. As time passes though, our motivation can dwindle, and our creative outlets can seem more like chores. Instead of skipping out on creative endeavors, inspire some new ideas through cannabis! Cannabis is a phenomenal catalyst for brain activity, inspiration, and creativity. Once you find the strain right for you — typically an uplifting sativa — you’ll be able to bring your creative projects to life with ease.

Relax More

Stress and tension? Not around here. Cannabis is ideal for reducing stress. It promotes a positive outlook and affects the body’s fight-or-flight systems, meaning that it mitigates stress and anxiety on both a physical and mental level. Especially after the turbulent 2020 we’ve all experienced, it goes without saying that prioritizing relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness are all goals for many as we enter 2021. Let cannabis be your guide to calming down; it truly works wonders. 

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