What Are the Different Ways You Can Consume Cannabis?

The Different Ways of Consuming Cannabis

Cannabis is an inherently versatile plant, which means there are plenty of ways to consume it. Finding the best way to consume cannabis is personal, and everyone has their preferred method. Today, we’ll go over the common ways people smoke (or eat!) cannabis.


Smoking is the most classic method of cannabis consumption, and has been around the longest. Since the rise of marijuana, more ways to smoke have become popular. 


Bongs are water pipes, where the water acts as a cooling filter. The water cools smoke before you breathe in, which makes the hit smoother, and also absorbs carcinogenic particles for safer smoking. They vary in size and design, are easy to use, and provide fast, intense highs.


Bowls are small hand pipes, not unlike tobacco pipes in shape and size. Bowls are typically glass, though other variants exist and some people even make DIY bowls out of household items like fruits. Bowls make it easy to consume smaller doses of cannabis, and are portable.


Bubblers are a crossover between bowls and bongs. They’re smaller than bongs, but slightly larger than bowls. They contain water, offering the same smooth hits as bongs, but are best for smaller doses of weed. For a bong-like option on the go, bubblers are where it’s at.


Dabbing is a form of smoking that uses concentrates like wax, shatter, budder, butane hash oil, rosin, ice water hash, or kief. Some of the concentrates are made with solvents, while others aren’t. For dabbing, you often need additional equipment like a dab rig, torch, and e-nail. To dab, take a piece of concentrate about the size of a grain of rice, heat it, and inhale the smoke produced. Dabbing has become more popular because it provides a clean, high dose from a pure product.


Joints, also called pre-rolls, are one of the most common ways to smoke. Just roll flower into a rolling paper complete with a filter, and you’re good to go. Joints provide a smooth, even burn that can be marginally controlled by what type of paper you choose. The biggest benefits to joints? They’re both shareable and portable.


Blunts are to joints what cigars are to cigarettes. They’re even often made out of tobacco wraps, though they can be made with cigar or cigarillo papers. They offer the same benefits as joints with more flavor, and are often composed of flower mixed with cigar or cigarette filling for a nicotine kick.


Vaping is a form of smoking that involves vape pens and cartridges of concentrated cannabis extract typically suspended in oil. Cartridges come in a range of varieties with both THC and CBD versions, and users of vape pens enjoy their small size, lack of odor, and discreetness. 

Edibles, Drinks, and Pills

Cannabis doesn’t always have to be smoked! Here are some ways to enjoy cannabis without inhalation.


Edibles typically refer to any food with cannabis in it. They come in candies, snacks, and even simple ingredients designed to be cooked with. Edibles take a long time to kick in, but tend to have a high that lasts longer than smoking.


Cannabis-based drinks are typically made by combining tinctures with fan-favorite drinks like tonic waters or juices. Often, these drinks contain other things like caffeine or alcohol. Cannabis drinks are great for masking the taste, as well as taking cannabis to a group setting like parties or barbeques.


Cannabis pills, also called “cannacaps,” are used to ingest activated marijuana. They’re a discreet way to consume cannabis, and good for those with respiratory problems that can’t smoke.


Tinctures are cannabis compounds dissolved into an alcohol, often used medicinally as they’re a great smokeless option. They’re usually taken sublingually, but may be consumed orally or mixed into drinks. Tinctures are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, but also have long-lasting effects.

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