How to Pack a Bowl of Weed

How to Pack A Bowl of Weed

There are so many different ways that you can enjoy cannabis, but there’s something really personable about packing your own bowl. Why? You get to look and feel your cannabis up close, which is a completely different experience than smoking pre-rolls or vape pens. And when you grind your bud for the first time, the smells become way more aromatic and enjoyable. If that’s not enough, packing a bowl is an essential part of cannabis consumption, so understanding this fundamental cannabis principle will help improve your overall cannabis experience.

Your Smoking Device

Bowls come in all shapes and sizes… Don’t be intimidated they all basically work the same. All bowls have a hole at the bottom in order to let the smoke run through the pipe into your lungs. Some bowls of weed are built into your pipe and some bowls are removable entirely from the pipe (found mostly in water pipes). Currently, in states without legalized cannabis, shops market their bowls as tobacco smoking accessories. Lastly, before starting to pack your bowl you should understand how many people are going to be enjoying it with you. If the bowl is just for you, start small and do not pack it to the rim. If the bowl is for a group of people, it may be better to pack the bowl so it’s full (this, of course, all depends on the size of the bowl). The amount you should put in the bowl is totally up to you and dependent on your tolerance. Now, let’s go over the two ways you can grind your weed before packing it into your bowl.

Hand Grinding Your Weed

Hand grinding can be really easy or sometimes difficult depending on the type of bud that you have. The flower you purchase can be dense or fluffy. Your flower can also be dry or fresh. Now if your flower is either fluffy or dry, it will break up a lot easier by hand than if your buds are really dense and fresh. Remember this, be prepared to have sticky fingers. Good weed always leaves a residue on your fingers. Now, the finer you grind the weed with your fingers the faster it will burn in the bowl. Look if you don’t grind your cannabis at all and put the bud straight into the bowl, it will have trouble lighting and eventually taste bad — not an enjoyable experience to say the least. 

How to Pack a Bowl of Weed Using a Grinder

Grinders, also like bowls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Generally, the grinder is either plastic or metal and may have multiple chambers. Your traditional grinder is two pieces you put together with teeth on each end. Now when you rotate the two sides, the teeth of the grinder will grind the weed finely. Over time, the design of grinders has evolved. Grinders now have multiple chambers that filter the different sizes of the cannabis grind — letting the customer choose the type of ground cannabis that’s right for them. Of course, having a grinder is beneficial because it makes it easier to grind the really dense, sticky bud that is sometimes too hard to grind with your bare hands. Packing your bowl is relatively the same when you hand grind or use a grinder, the real difference is in the fineness of your bud. When you use a grinder, the bud tends to ignite faster and you can really get a more milky, dense smoke out of it. Overall, grinders really help the process of smoking out of bowls and just make your life a bit easier. If you’re looking for an easier bud to grind, try Cali Kush popcorn nugs.

Benefits of Packing Your Own Bowl

The great thing about packing your own bowl is that you get to see what you’re putting in and regulating how much. You are in control and get to choose how fine the grind is. Sometimes with pre-rolls, you don’t know what the bud looks like inside, and often, the smell is less prevalent. Think of it like this, packing your own bowl is almost like making your own smoothie. You get to see everything that goes inside and you get to smell all the flavors — really experiencing cannabis hands-on.

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