The New Era Of Pre-Rolled Joints

Pre-Rolled joints are rising in popularity with the introduction of adult use laws as a quick and convenient way to smoke cannabis, and fewer companies make joints more accessible to both new and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts than Canndescent.

Canndescent has made waves with their new take on cannabis classification: strains are numbered and named within five categories based on their typical effects in a straightforward and easy to understand way: There’s Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge. We think that this is a great way to find a strain that perfectly fits your needs, whether you’re getting ready for a night out with Charge or coasting through errands with Cruise. Canndescent’s fresh approach to strain naming makes cannabis more accessible to new users and even helps de-stigmatize marijuana by doing away with misleading strain names that might be off-putting to new consumers, like “Green Crack” and “Durban Poison.”

While they’re all sold separately, we love the five pack because it includes all of Canndescent’s strain varieties and provides you with a strain for every occasion, allowing you to pick and choose the proper joint to accompany any activity at a moments notice!